Day 2: Favorite Harry Potter Movie

2:43 PM

My favorite movie so far is Deathly Hallows Part 1. We'll see in 29 days if that changes. But for now, it is my favorite. Here's why.

It is the most true to the book since the first movie. I think splitting it up into 2 parts was a great idea. So much happens in the seventh book, and I am glad that they were really giving themselves the chance to be true to the book for this one. The other movies felt so crammed after a while. Also, this movie was so true to the book that they included things that should have been in the other movies but weren't. Kinda sloppy in my opinion, but I guess you should blame the previous directors and writers for that. At least they picked up the slack in this one.

The score was AMAZING! Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of John Williams, even more now that I sat in the balcony in a Boston Pops concert and he waved at me (ok fine. The group I was with. But that also means me.) Regardless, Alexandre Desplat is now another one of my favorite composers. Oh and guess what other movie he composed for? Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Another one of my favorite movies. Random, eh? That's what happens when I check spellings via my iTunes search box.

The actors were phenomenal. Particularly Rupert Grint. I wasn't a fan of his acting before. It just didn't stand out as much. But wow. Daniel Radcliffe has made large strides as well. The seven Harrys scene was some of the best acting I have ever seen. He got everyone's expressions perfectly. One more actor that I would like to praise- David O'Hara. He captured the pure essence of Daniel Radcliffe when he was playing Runcorn's imposter. I was thoroughly impressed. He even got the walk right.

This may seem like a weird reason, but I felt like this was the movie where they finally got everyone's hairstyles in a decent state. Hermione's hair was still not true to the book, but that's ok. I honestly can't think of a single head of hair that wasn't amazing in this movie. For your viewing pleasure, I have included pictures of good and bad hair from the movies.

A good number of these hairstyles are from the fourth movie. Interesting...

There are countless other reasons why the movie itself was my favorite, but one more reason I would like to mention has nothing to do with the actual movie. It was the experience that I had while watching it for the first time. My awesome roommates and I went to the midnight showing in the nearest IMAX theater. We all dressed up. We had so much fun, and I will never forget that night.

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