Day 3: Infuriating Film Adaptations

9:37 PM

There is one thing about the movies that I just don't understand.

Why did they change Flitwick?

Yes, he's the same actor, but they changed EVERYTHING about him. He used to be this cute old charms professor of a wizard with some elfish blood in him, and now he is this choir conductor Charlie Chaplin hybrid. Did they really think that HP fans wouldn't notice? Seriously. They went from this... this.


What was wrong with him before? That's what I imagined Flitwick would look like. I haven't looked into why they changed his character so much, but I guess I should. 

And I just wanted to say... when I watched the third movie for the first time, first of all I was wondering "since when did Hogwarts have a choir with toads directed by a very short man? Weird..." but then it took me a really long time to figure out that that was Flitwick. I'm talking months here. Also, he is head of Ravenclaw house, and that's my house. It's sad.

I miss the old Flitwick.

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