Day 4: Least Favorite Female Character

10:03 PM

My least favorite character from the books was probably Cho Chang. She is the type of girl I despise- the type that can get any guy at the snap of her fingers. She was dating the most popular guy at Hogwarts, and when he died, she went super emo, got a ton of attention, and then dated the most popular guy in the Wizarding community. And how did she get him? Because she was pretty and he was angsty and desperate.

I know that sounded super dramatic and a lot like high school, but I did read the fifth book when I was 13. And the movie came out when I was 17. So I decided I didn't like her when I was just started to be a teenager, and that hatred solidified when I was finishing high school. Also, this might be because I was secretly in love with Harry, so naturally I would hate any girl that got to be with him.

This brings me to another girl, the one who ended up with Harry, and she just happens to be my least favorite female character from the movies. Oh Ginny. Why do you have to be so awkward? You were great in the books. I liked you. (Oh yeah, when Harry started showing interest in you, I had already moved on to being secretly in love with Ron) But gosh! What happened to the mini girl version of Fred and George? You turned into this freaky creeper that says something extremely awkward every time you open your mouth. You can't even kiss Harry without making things awkward. You just exude awkwardness. I don't know If I should blame Bonnie Wright at all. I'll see her in other movies before I make a decision.

"Open up you."

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  1. open up, you! (great romantic scenes brought to you by Ginny Weasley!)