Day 6: If I put on the Sorting Hat...

5:27 PM

Look at me... I'm such a slacker. Sundays can be pretty busy for me. Sorry about that. So here's the post that I was supposed to write yesterday.

If I put on the Sorting Hat, it would put me in Ravenclaw. Everyone who knows me knows that I am smart... and apparently vain... I have been a true Ravenclaw from the start. I'm not exactly the type to be in Gryffindor. I'm not the evil type, so I wouldn't be in Slytherin. And I am just not a Hufflepuff. Everything about me screams Ravenclaw. I like to think of myself as the version of Hermione that is a little more optimistic about life and was sorted into Ravenclaw. Fun fact: Did you know that the Sorting Hat did actually consider putting Hermione into Ravenclaw?

I guess, in the end, it doesn't matter where the Sorting Hat tells you to go, because you have a choice.
I still choose Ravenclaw.

UPDATE: (April 2013) I have started my Pottermore journey! I got sorted into Ravenclaw... on my second try. But thats ok that I didn't get in on the first try. The REAL sorting hat would let you have a say in the matter. And I like my second username more anyway. :)

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