Day 9: Least Favorite Male Character

10:46 PM

(A lot of people are gonna hate me for this...)

Easy. Neville Longbottom. He seems to me like a whole lotta nuthin' to me. There's just nothing interesting about him! He's a guy and he likes plants. And sure, he kills Nagini. I'm sure if you give a sword to any other boring guy in the heat of battle  he would cut off a snake's head too. I just don't like Neville. I even hate playing him in the Lego Harry Potter game. When I'm in free play and they give me Neville and I'm switching characters, I scream "NO!" until I get to the next person. I think playing Griphook is even better than playing Neville, and all HE can do is unlock stuff.

I know, I know. I must also hate the world if I don't like someone like Neville.

Don't be hatin', it's just a personal preference.

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  1. I actually like neville, in the prophacy it said either harry or neville to be the chosen one, he grew up from the shy unintelligent boy to one of the leaders of dumbledores army, he was the one who stood up and became the leader when snape was headmaster and he was a great friend to harry, so if he's not ur fav character i get it but not the worst one.
    btw im not hatin just poitin it out