Day 14: Would you ever consider being a Death Eater?

9:23 PM

Surprisingly, yes. All because of this cool list I found on Mugglenet. I found it to be rather hilarious, and I don’t think Voldemort is scary or anything. I would also get to meet Bellatrix! I have already made my own death eater mask, so I would fit right in.

A couple of years ago, I made this list into a pamphlet and gave it to my friends. I don’t remember why I did it, but I do remember they liked it. I found that pamphlet last summer in my room when I was going through some things, and it was mainly just text. I decided to create an even better one, this time changing the wording to be more consistent and even funnier and adding awesome graphics. Good thing I found this during my photoshop and Microsoft publisher stage or I never would have done this at all. Here is a pdf of the pamphlet, feel free to print it for your own personal use. The images are from google. Also, here is the acceptance letter that goes with it. And be sure to check out my crafts tab for more amazing stuff!

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