My Most Recent Adventure

12:01 AM

Let me tell you about my trip to the happiest place on earth.

No, I'm not talking about Disney World.


Just a few short months ago, my boyfriend took me to Orlando to spend the entire day away from Muggles. Yes, he is the best boyfriend ever! It was seriously the best day of my life, so far.

So, here is my review!

Overall, it is definitely worth the trip. You have to make the pilgrimage at least once in your life. That part of the park was smaller than I expected it to be, but that's ok. They are expanding it, after all. It was crowded, but it was the best type of crowd to be in - a crowd of Harry Potter fans. There were so many people with British accents there, it was fantastic.

We rode every ride at least twice. My favorite ride was the Hogwarts ride, mostly for the line. I felt like I was legitimately walking through Hogwarts. And the dueling dragons ride was awesome too. The whole park was just so realistic, I loved it.

The souvenirs are super legit, and also really expensive. On a side note, I have a new pet... an adorable purple pigmy puff!

Now, on to the food. I tried butterbeer, both cold and frozen, and the recipe that I have is very similar, although mine has butterscotch in it. It was super good. I also tried the pumpkin juice, and I like my recipe for pumpkin juice a lot more. I need to make a fizzy version of my pumpkin juice though, that would taste so good.

I was a little disappointed in the food though, there were only like 5 choices for meals, and nothing seemed really authentic to the Harry Potter series. I think they could have been a bit more creative. Honeydukes was better, but overpriced, like everything else is. I really like the sherbet lemon candies. I would give anything to have some of those right now!

I also wish they had more than, what, 5 possible wizard cards that you could possibly get? Thats ok though, I can make my own.

I can't wait to go back after they have expanded it, that will be so exciting. But as for now, I'll just stay here and live in the Muggle world as happily as I can.

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