New and Improved Butterbeer recipe coming soon!!

3:41 PM

Ever since I went to Harry Potter World and tasted their butterbeer, I wanted to improve my own recipe. I only wanted two things: a drink that was a lot less sweet and a lot more orange. I never imagined butterbeer to be as sweet as they make it in Harry Potter World. I couldn't even finish one drink. I want to be able to drink an entire serving of butterbeer and not be sick to my stomach because of how sweet it is. I also want it to look orange, like in the movie. So last night, my friends and I experimented with some recipes that I have found and WE HAVE A WINNER!!! I'll upload the recipe after my party next week.

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  1. Please upload the new butterbeer recipe. I have my own Harry Potter Murder Mystery party coming up and if you have a version that isn't too sweet. I'll be forever in your debt.

  2. You're in luck! I was planning on posting it today actually. And I would love to hear about your murder mystery party, that sounds wicked awesome!