What I have been up to...

9:27 PM

Hello friends! I bet you are wondering why my posting has been so scarce! Well here come my excuses. Im in school... ugh... I have a job now... yay!

But what's really going on is... I am planning yet another Harry Potter party! Next week is Harry's birthday, and I'm currently working on all of that. And I have been making chocolate frogs and wizard cards for people in my spare time. And on an unrelated note, watching every episode of Merlin.

So now you know, but things should be getting up to speed soon, and I will definitely be posting pictures from the party. It will be very low budget this time considering the fact that I just started this job and I have a lack of funds at the moment, but it should still be fun. I want to do another huge Halloween party. I found out the other day that I made a huge impression last time, and that may be the only thing people remember about me, but I think that's a pretty good thing to be remembered for.

I also wanted to tell you about this DEAL on party mugs, you know, for butterbeer! I do want to get beer mugs eventually, and etch butterbeer into them, but right now, that is too expensive for the amount of people that will be at this party. I somehow stumbled on this amazing thing at walmart.com. Disposable Clear Coffee Mugs! These will be so perfect for butterbeer. And I am really hoping I can wash these and reuse them for future parties where I serve a lot of butterbeer.

Can you tell I am excited? (What has my life come to... I get excited over disposable cups.)

This party is gonna be good, folks!

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