9:16 PM

A few days ago, I discovered possibly the most weirdest ship ever. Drapple.


I actually find this quite hilarious.

There is also "Chickron" (Ron and chicken), "Ludding" (Luna and pudding), and "Flarry" (Harry and THE FLOOR! He does end up on the floor a lot.)

So I have decided, as of a few seconds ago, every time I post a recipe with apples in it, I will also post a drapple photo. Just because it's funny.

I have stumbled across a lot of ridiculously hilarious Harry Potter photos recently, thanks to the FB page The awkward moment when your beloved rat turns into a human. They probably post 30 funny pictures a day... which is not a problem, since we all know that anything Harry Potter is my favorite pastime.

Without further ado, I give you... DRAPPLE.

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