These crafts are for your own personal use ONLY. I'm not trying to break any laws here. I just want to share the Harry Potter fun. :)

Chocolate Frogs
Here is a PDF of the box that you can then cut out, fold, and assemble.
Here is a link to the chocolate frog recipe.

Wizard Cards COMING SOON!

Death Eater Pamphlet
Do you have a friend that loves the Dark Arts? Would they love to join the Death Eaters? Give them this Death Eater Acceptance Letter and Introductory Pamphlet. I have adapted it from this fun list from Mugglenet. Don't forget to print out the acceptance letter on aged paper (instructions below). The pamphlet is double sided, so it should be printed on both sides.

So You Want to be a Death Eater Pamphlet
Death Eater Acceptance Letter from Voldemort

I decided to create a Death Eater Application to go along with all of this. I had a lot of fun making this one. Enjoy!

Death Eater Membership Card COMING SOON!

Aged Paper
This is a super easy craft that I got from the For a printable version of the instructions in PDF format, click here. For the original instructions, click here.
just a quick note: I used the blackest tea I could find, and it worked beautifully. Keep adding tea bags if you find that it isn't changing the color enough.